10 July 2009

Leah from the Galaxy

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Leah Orlikowski, who has seven planets in Sagittarius. Photo by Eric Francis; 28 Aquarius rising and a Scorpio Moon.

Today I worked with a musician named Leah Orlikowski. This is one of my dream jobs, such as doing album art. During the session, I was so grateful to be a photographer because I knew that it was giving me the rare opportunity to look at and take in how gorgeous she is for an extended phase oft time. To me this photo vibrates with Goddess.

Then I got to play music with her; as she played guitar and sang I acquainted myself with the rhythm a small Asian drum, one a little like a dumbek only lower in pitch.

Her voice reminds me of hot red wine, potent and mellow at the same time. When she sings, time slows down and people pause to listen. I saw a man gazing at her wistfully, sort of drifting toward her looking at her eyes, as if he had never seen someone beautiful quite in this way before.

When we finished taking photos I invited her up to my studio, did light edits on some pictures and made prints for her. She asked me to read her astrology chart. I will only say one thing about it: in talent and humanity, this woman is not a powerhouse; she is the river of night.

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