4 October 2009

Book of Blue in Three Dimensions

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Aimee, Canada Day 2005. Photo by Eric Francis.

An exhibition of my photos is taking place at 268 Fair Street in Kingston, near John Street. The show is 28 photos hung on the walls of a real estate office. This is one of the first times I’m seeing my photos in the context of some life other than my own, and the first organized exhibit project.

We had to make our selections around what I’m calling the no areola rule. There could be no nudes that revealed the private parts. Sarah and I worked on the project for a while and then one day it dawned on me how this rule had twisted my thoughts to the point where I had let my creative process submit to puritanism.

We rearranged the front room and instead of some nature photos put the image of Laura (a vertical with lots of green, visible on the fine art prints page) and two from the Daily Mirror series there. That felt better; putting my most personal work in the threshold area, where one enters the building and the exhibit.

We organized the display in several sections, which are grouped by theme and which are framed in an area of the room. There’s a section on Paris, another on my current home Kingston, New York, a display from Burning Man 2009, and a display from the Grandmother Land.

In the most spacious area, there’s series of women in or near mirrors, and it’s my favorite space. Having gone through the process of creating a show with several themes, I am reminded where my heart is, and where I feel my pictures have their clearest voice. Witnessing a woman aware of herself offers me some deep comfort that I understand intuitively and embrace warmly.

I feel safer and more grounded when she dares to know herself. With these photos I want to express the pleasure of that, and share some of it with you.

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