17 December 2008

Book of Blue in the Daily Freeman

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Photo by Kim Maurer, courtesy of the Daily Freeman.

TODAY BOOK OF BLUE was featured in a “fresh faces in business” supplement in the Kingston Daily Freeman.

Here is what the Freeman said today, written by Kimberly Maurer:

“A New York City native, Eric Francis Coppolino now has set up shop in the Hudson Valley. Eric Francis writes for Chronogram, however, he discovered his true talent with fine art photography. Though his camera lens, Coppolino has captured provocative and captivating images from around the world. He has gained international recognition for delivering a fresh and positive twist of world thought and culture with his photographs. Eric Francis is a funny and knowledgeable yet humble human being. Take a glimpse into his gallery.”

A friendly introduction.

I would add: I am a photographer with a philosophy. My work is emotional, intimate, introspective and at times erotic. I believe that you can only photograph what you truly see, and since you can only see what you feel, I bring my feelings into the work. Soon I will have some lettering added to my storefront window. It will be the inscription – which I would send out dedicated to all photographers – attributed to Anias Nin: We don’t we things as they are. We see them as we are.

I love being photographed as much as I like to take pictures.

I started as a news writer/editor and thus photographer, and have spent a lot of time at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels photographing world leaders – as a hobby, because I happened to have the press access to allow that. I feel like I truly refined my craft doing street photography in Paris for a year, with many travels to London, Amsterdam, Toronto, Montreal and other cities in Europe and North America.

My true love is photographing women. Most Book of Blue pictures are taken into a mirror, a style I’ve developed photographing women in five different countries and in countless sessions over the past three years.

I regularly hire models, and by that I mean people who consider themselves ordinary people rather than fashion plates. You may be any age over 18 and any body type. The introductory interview/session gets us acquainted and from there, we can choose a project to work on. All sessions, including the test/interview, are well compensated.

I also do custom work as a professional portrait photographer. For example, if you would like a intimate portrait of your partner (male or female, or both of you), perhaps a little more risqué than you can do at the Wal-Mart studio, I am the person for the job. I am developing a line of fine art prints for sale, which will be available in July.

The Book of Blue website that you’re now visiting offers photos as well as a mix of fiction, personal essays and nonfiction. I write what I feel, and what is on my mind. As an art or literature project, Book of Blue is an experiment; I’ve designed it to be a playspace for the creation of ideas and images. I have a series in the works on the power of fantasy and how that relates to photography, and another on body image and its relationship to self-esteem.

You can find much more of my photography at PlanetWaves.net (scroll through the “prior covers,” a daily feature I share with my partner Danielle Voiron), and you may reach me at (845) 331-0355 (or by email at egg@bookofblue.com). Visitors and other inquiries are welcome. Bring your photos, or come and look at mine.

Eric Francis Coppolino

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