3 September 10

Book of Blue: Project Archived, for now

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Jin, Brussels. Eric, Brussels.

Dear Friend and Reader:

I am temporarily archiving this section of Book of Blue. I am continuing to work on the project, and will contact you here and possibly by email when that area is ready.

For now, there are more than 500 illustrated posts and galleries on this website, which are organized chronologically below and to the left. The current thread dates back to late 2008 and has several sequences of writing.

The most recent thread is by far the longest. (These may still appear below; they will soon be moved to the top archive link below and to the left.) The most recent posts include the first eight or so attempts at chapters in a book about sharing masturbation with partners. Then there are a few random posts—and then the 42 part series, Living With a Mystery. That series looks at a medical issue that I lived with from 2005 through the spring of 2010, and its relationship to a chart called “Event 1912,” which in turn takes us back to a mass murder in Villisca, Iowa.

This particular thread, which has the word “desire” in the URL, goes back through a scifi series that is set at Burning Man 2009.

The Book of Blue that you have here is basically a sandbox; a creative laboratory on its way to becoming something else.

Stay tuned and happy exploring. If you have any questions about where to find something, or if you want to participate in Book of Blue as a model, interview subject, collaborator or guest of my studio, please write to me at dreams@planetwaves.net. If you don’t hear back in a day, please write to me again.

Eric Francis
Sept. 3, 2010 – Kingston, NY