Book of Blue Photography by Eric Francis
Digital Processing and Full Color Printing & Design

Book of Blue Photography by Eric FrancisBlue Studio offers professional photo editing, digital processing and printing services, both locally and via Internet. We've worked with Macintosh for more than 20 years

We offer eight-color Epson printing in-house up to 22 inches wide, and stock a diversity of professional and archival papers. Working with our talented local subcontractor, we can produce and frame prints up to any size. Fast turnaround, talented staff and economical prices make us the ideal shop for serious amateur photographers, students and aspiring professionals.

Our business-to-business services include leaflets, brochures, catalogs, flyers, posters and others media for personal or commerce applications. Our massive stock photo library spans many countries, and we can meet the needs of any client.

Please call (845) 331-0355 for more information.
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